Moonstone CZ Diamonds Hamsa Pendant Necklace

Stone Color

SKU: NN-3462 MN
Product details :
  • Made from 925 Sterling Silver
  • 14 K Gold Plated
  • Clear CZ Diamonds
  • Rainbow Moonstone  Centered 
  • Chain Length :15" + 2.5" Extended
  • Hamsa Pendant size -1" x 0.52 " ( 25x13 mm)


The Hamsa symbol is a revered emblem characterized by a hand-shaped design with an open palm and often an eye in the center of the palm. It is a widely recognized and ancient talisman believed to bring protection, blessings, and good fortune to its wearer. The Hamsa's distinct and captivating shape holds deep cultural significance across various belief systems and has become popular in jewelry and spiritual decor.

The Hamsa represents divine protection and warding off negative energies. The open palm is seen as a gesture of defense, symbolizing a shield that protects against harm, evil intentions, and the evil eye. The fingers of the hand are typically slightly curved and can vary in the number, ranging from three to five, with the number five symbolizing the five senses and five elements. . It is believed to provide extra protection against the malevolent gaze of others and is considered a powerful amulet to ward off the effects of jealousy and envy. The eye is a symbol of awareness, insight, and spiritual vision, providing an added layer of safeguarding against negative energies.From necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings, Hamsa-inspired jewelry allows wearers to embrace spirituality, cultural significance, and fashion simultaneously. The symbol's handcrafted details, embellishments, and customized variations offer a wide array of choices that connect wearers to ancient traditions



Moonstone is known as the stone of dreams and
energy, a reminder to encourage hope,as well
as enhance intuition.Moonstone is belived to
promote inspiration and is great to use for
meditation and personal discovery.
Moonstone is considered a goddess stone and is
associated with the moon and the tides, femininity
and the subconscious. It helps sync up the rhythms
of lunar energy to the rhythms of a woman's body.

✨ Moonstone chakra -Crown , Sacral ,Third Eye
✨Moonstone zodiac signes ✨LIBRA ✨PISCES
✨Moonstone element Water

     Handmade with Magic  ♥


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