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Mexican Turquoise

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Magical Crystals

Crystals are beautiful creations made by the Earth. Their energies connect you to the balance of nature and align you with the higher vibrations of the Universe. Each one is uniquely powerful and offer different properties to help improve all areas of your life. Supporting you through your soul’s evolution, crystals are a wonderful companion on your healing journey towards wholeness and greater well-being.

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From the people
From the people
Amazing gems
So happy with my purchase. This is my second crystal I’ve purchased and they are both even more beautiful then on pictures. Thank you for everything. I am sure I’ll be back to shop again soon:)
— Kendra
From the people
I love this !!! Beautiful necklace.
— Megan
From the people
It’s all about the details, this is only what I can say. Nayla Jewelry - amazing job!!!
— Melania
From the people
Beautiful necklace, 100% natural gemstones, amazing details, beautiful package, description card , I am in love.
— Karen
From the people
Very elegant and beautiful piece from Nayla Jewelry. Thank you Girls your just amazing, excellent customer service .
— Anna
From the people
Love this Magical energy in this brand , you feel the power of Universe wearing this pieces, I just purchased Queen Crystal necklace and I feel very special. Thank you Nayla Jewelry for bringing this Magic to my life
— Greta
From the people
I absolutely love my Moon Necklace, I have so many compliments on it, I love the amazing shades of moonstone’s, this company use only natural gemstones and you can tell…. I am just speechless!
— Alyson

" 11:11 " Make a Statement

Fall in Love

You see the angel number 11:11 regularly and ask
yourself what it can mean it for you and your life?
The number one is a powerful number that always
been fascinating and associated with positive things;
increase it by four and you can expect only amazing
things to happen to you.


Protection Talisman

Four Element Talisman

The elements of the zodiac signs certainly influence our character,check which element is intended for your zodiac sign.

Magical Eye of Protection Talisman

 Eye Protection jewelry is believed to protect its wearer fromharm caused by a malicious glare, and to keep negative energy at bay so you can safely walk your journey and fulfill your dreams.

Earth Element Talisman

Earth is associated with grounding, stability, and practicality. It governs our basic needs for survival (food and shelter), as well as our emotional security like family.

Fall In Love With

Mexican Turquoise

Turquoise is the oldest stone known to humankind.
Its records date back to ancient Egypt and it has
been treasured by many cultures as a talisman for
protection and a symbol of Heaven on Earth .
Turquoise protects from negative influences and
promotes an optimistic attitude . It helps to become
clear about the own purpose in life , enhances
energy flow in the body and calms the mind.
Furthermore it promotes communication and opens
the heart for pure love .

Create Your Look with Rainbow Moonstone

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